Tips for Buying Betta Food for your Pet Fish

Betta food is a special type of fish food used to feed Betta Fish, also known as the Japanese Fighting Fish.  These fish are carnivores so they eat meat.  Therefore, instead of offering your fish roots or fresh plants, it would need insect larvae, insects, or packaged Betta food.  With this, the fish would remain healthy, live longer, and maintain its brilliant color.

You can purchase Betta food at pet stores, pet supply stores, online, and even in some grocery stores.  Regardless, the key is to purchase high quality food so you know betta fish is getting the required protein and nutrients.  The following are some of the best choices for Betta food that we recommend.

  • Hikari Betta Bio-Gold – This is pellet food that is easy for the fish to eat and because of the way it is formulated, you would never have to worry about the aquarium water becoming dirty or clouded.
  • HBH Betta Bites – Another recommendation for Betta food are these miniature pellets.  Because they float on the top of the water, the fish can feed on them easier than with other types of food.  In addition, this particular type of Betta food is made with vitamins and minerals so the fish is getting a healthy diet in one product.
  • Nutra Fin Betta Food – This product is made from freeze-dried red grubs and while it would not be something to offer the fish as a staple diet, it is a good supplemental food or even snack.
  • Osi Star Betta Food – This food is formulated as pellets and made with vitamins and minerals.  Your fish would get the proper balance of protein, minerals, and vitamins while enjoying the flavor of the food.
  • Wardley Bette Food – Although the Japanese Fighting Fish typically prefers to eat off the surface of the water, some also enjoy nibbling on food that sinks to the bottom.  These pellets sink fast, giving the fish an opportunity to enjoy them while sinking but also once on the bottom of the aquarium.
  • Mosquito Larvae – Another excellent type of Betta food is mosquito larvae, which is live food.  This type of fish should eat larvae of some type daily in that this is their primary diet.  You could catch your own mosquito or purchase this type of live food from a pet or pet supply store.  If you have a large quantity, they can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator up to two weeks.
  • Brine Shrimp – Betta fish also love brine shrimp, which can also be purchased from most pet and pet supply stores, or angler shops.  Although you would not provide your fish with this food daily, it is fine to offer it a couple of times each week.
  • Worms – Japanese Fighting Fish also love a variety of worms but it is important that they be small or cut up in tiny pieces.  You can use earth worms taken from your own hard or purchase them at angler shops.
  • Miscellaneous – Finally, Bette fish could include frozen bloodworms and beef heart or freeze-dried ocean plankton and tubifex worms.