9 Compatible Betta Fish Tank Mates list

Sooner or later, keeping some beta fish in a huge tank will be plain and boring. Instead of bringing out different charm in the room, the atmosphere might be gloomy. Then what about some friends to play? Don’t take immediate decision to throw in colorful fish. The term “betta fish tank mates list” does not only refer to pretty fish, but also “safe” to live side to side.

1. Betta Fish Tank Mates List – Corydora Catfish


This is the type of fish that could live together with all fish to any temperament. Looking into its peaceful trait and low maintenance requirement, the tank owner barely needs to learn new things about this fish’s care. Isn’t that convenient? Many fish addicts approve its high compatibility with almost any kind of species.
Heading to the pet shop, you have to purchase at least four fishes, since Corydora Catfish lives in a school. Moreover, you could mix and match the color. Which one do you prefer: one tone or colorful tank? Either dream could come true, since Corydora has wide color variant.

2. Betta Fish Tank Mates List – Kuhli Loaches

Looking at the long body, many people often mistake this species as the family of eel. Nevertheless, its unique color steals tank lovers attention. Kuhli loaches is not fond of confrontation, thus keeping the calm atmosphere inside the tank. In addition, the size is relatively small, making it less intimidating for the bettas.
If you also fall in love with this fish, then you need to adjust the condition inside the tank. Kuhli loaches cannot live without a layer of sand in the base. Make sure you pick the smooth type, since the one with sharp edges will hurt its skin.



3. Betta Fish Tank Mates List – Bristlenose Plecos

Bettas are popular for its gorgeous flair and also the minimum care. The turn down is the picky temperament that often occur. Considering these conditions, the pair that could pass through them is Bristlenose Plecos. Widely known as the peaceful species of the tank, this species seeks no attention and could survive with almost any kind of feeding you throw.
Roaming mostly in the bottom of the tank, this fish could also feed on algae and leftover food. As the result, your tank will be clean longer. In the other words, you could push back the tank
cleaning schedule. If you insist to give a treat, algae wafer is its favorite snack.



4. Betta Fish Tank Mates List – Neon Tetras

It is a great tank fish for beginner. First of all, it has small body, vivid colored tail, and swim swiftly inside the tank. Being in a group of six at the minimum, neon tetras might be the reason for the shaking or movement inside the tank.
Even though Neon Tetras are social while lingering among its own species, they are not into communicating with the other fish; let alone taunting. After several days living in the same tank, there might be a sign of aggressiveness from the Bettas. Don’t worry, Tetras are quick enough to dodge the Bettas.

5. Betta Fish Tank Mates List – Harlequin Rasboras

Instead of experimenting with new species, you might wonder what fish that live side to side with the Bettas. In this case, the answer is Harlequin Rasboras. This tiny fish goes along just well in the natural environment. In fact, it is a best friend for any community fish.
One thing you have to prepare for this new tank mate is the proper gallon. Considering that around six Rasboras should live with your Bettas, the minimum size would be 20 gallon. Other than the tank size, there is nothing to worry about the care; it is pretty easy to handle.

6. Betta Fish Tank Mates List – Guppy Fish

There are several guppy species, but the one that fits well as Betta tank mate is the feeder guppy. Natural color on its skin makes it safer, instead of the bright colored guppy with long tail. Even though this species lives as a part of its school, being alone still makes it happy.
Taking the feeder guppy to the tank, there would be minimum change to the environment. Both Bettas and Guppies share similar water temperature and tank setting. Moreover, there is no need to worry about nipping case; guppies are far from that habit.

7. Betta Fish Tank Mates List – Molly Fish

While considering the tank mate for Bettas, don’t forget about the size. Big fish will most likely see Bettas as their meal, instead of acquittance. Therefore, Molly could be your option, since it is small and shares similar behavior. Moreover, Molly is a bottom feeder, which means there will be less fighting case.
However, those tank lovers who pair Betta and Molly, owns only female Bettas. They are calmer compared to the males. So if you love Molly and owns the male Betta, make sure it is more to the calm side than the aggressive trait.



8. Betta Fish Tank Mates List – Balloon Molly Fish

Another Molly species you can pair up with Bettas are balloon Molly fish. It has adorable feature of balloon stomach that makes it looks slightly bigger. Just like the other fish in the family, this species are not aggressive towards the other fish, especially its own tank mate.
A little warning for the owner: Molly fish might develop the habit of nipping. Therefore, it is not good to put a long fin Betta in the same tank. Even though the habit emerge as the fish gets stressed, probably it is better to stay safe than sorry.

9. Betta Fish Tank Mates List – Swordfish

In the food chain, it is obvious that bigger fish will attack the smaller ones. In that case, tank mates should be those who share similar size. Since Bettas and Swordfish are more or less equal in size, you can make it the new mate. Make sure to mix females only, as the male swordfish can’t stay still while detecting another male’s presence.
Keep in mind that this species is livebearer. When you detect that the Betta is disturbed because of the number of fish in the tank, immediately separate it from the rest of the tank.

Betta fish is well-known of its aggressive side, but it doesn’t mean that no fish could live together with this species. Some Betta fish tank mates list above could be your reference to find the perfect mates for your lovely pet. Enjoy your new tank!