Care For Crowntail Betta Fish

So many people say that crown Betta fish care is very easy than the rest of the other fish species. Owing to the fact that this kind of fish will not need a lot of attention, this one should never be underrated like for instance living in a tank with minimal attention.

However, the crown Betta fish deserve attention since they are carnivores feeding on larvae of insects which include mosquitoes, crickets and flies and which are used to pass by on the surface.

Crown Betta fish does not eat a lot but there is need to give them a small amount of food a day or after two days in the tank. Their diet is not a complicated one but it should contain floating flakes, frozen worms among others. The pallets are a combination of blood worms, brine shrimp, vitamins and mashed shrimp meal all in small quantities. The diet creates an environment that releases a lot of ammonia and this could be so dangerous to the crown Betta fish.

At times the fish may consume other fish. However, due to the fact that ammonia is very dangerous, observing hygiene is very important so the Betta tank or aquarium needs to be attended to and constant checking of the level of water failure which may result to the death of the fish is highly advised.

Administering care for crowntail Betta fish may prove quite challenging but for a beginner all you need are some very few tips:

  • Having a larger tank in place is the best bet.
  • You will be making a mistake putting two male crown Betta fish in the same place, they may end up killing each other, rather consider female which may not get to this extent.
  • Male bettas can live in the same tank with other fish species but beware; some of the species may affect the fin of the betta.
  • Provide a safe lid for the tank

The best option is getting the Betta in a large aquarium since it is enclosed in a small tin when you buy it.