The Most Beautiful and Popular Types of Betta Fish

Betta fish, or also called Siamese Fighting Fish, is one of the most popular freshwater fishes. One of the reasons why this fish is tremendously popular is because there are so many Betta fish types and each and every of them has their own unique character. Here are some of the most well-known and attractive types of Betta fish.

1. Betta fish types – Crown Tail Betta

Among other Betta fish types, it is safe to say that Crown Tail is the most sought after. This type is called crown tail because it comes with long and spikey tails with 180 degrees spread that really looks like a crown.

Crown tailed Betta is categorized again into three different categories—Single ray, double ray and crossed ray. Sometimes, it is also possible to encounter a crown tail Betta with quadruple ray, but it is very rare. Among them, crossed ray is the most desired because of its unrivaled beauty.

Due to its spikey long tail, Crown Tail Betta can be very vulnerable to attack. This is why it should not be put in the same aquarium with other fishes. Furthermore, this fish is also known to be very aggressive, especially during breeding season.

2. Betta fish types – Plakat Betta

Plakat Betta is known for its short tail. As we know, female Betta has shorter tails and fins compared to the males. Due to its naturally short tail, Plakat is often mistaken as female Betta from other types.

Because of its spectacular colors, Plakat Betta is often breeded with other types of Betta. As a result, Plakat can also be categorized into several types, for example Half Moon Plakat and Crown Tailed Plakat. The result of the breeding usually will come with shorter tails compared to traditional Half Moon or Crown Tail due to the Plakat genes they bring.

3. Betta fish types – Comb Tail Betta

Unlike other Betta fish types, Comb Tail Betta cannot be found in the wild. This special type is a result of breeding, usually of Crown Tail fish with other types of Betta.

This fish has one of the most unique tail shapes compared to other Bettas. Just like what the name suggests, the tail resembles a comb, or more specifically, a shorter and thinner version of Crown Tail. It also has fewer rays compared to Crown Tail.

4. Betta fish types – Double Tail Betta

As a result of genetic mutation, this type of Betta comes with two lobes of tail instead of one. The gene also makes the dorsal and anal fins to be wider compared to other types of Betta. Double Tail Betta is indeed very unique, but due to its shorter bodies, this type is prone to swim bladder problems which make this fish has a low survival rate. This is also why it can be very hard to find a Double Tail Betta.

Due to its genetic condition, it requires a careful step to breed this fish. Breeding Double Tail with other Bettas is actually not recommended because the babies might not survive. However, sometimes we can find this Betta being bred with Half Moons or Plakats.

5. Betta fish types – Half Moon Betta

Half Moon is another favorite type because the tail can form a perfect D shape when it is flared. Half Moon can be very rare and expensive because it is very hard to breed them. The shape of its tails makes it difficult for the males to wrap the females..

Because of the tails, just like Crown Tail, Half Moon should not be put in the same aquarium with other aggressive type.

Most of the times, Betta Fish is categorized based on the types of its tail, just like what we see in the list above. However, it is also possible to recognize various Betta fish types based on its colors or patterns on its body.