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Checking Out Betta Fish Plant, | Are you looking for reasons to learn more about betta fish plant? Then you actually have plenty of them. Some might think that plants are optional items.

Betta Fish Plant

This is not true. Keep in mind that good aquarium should be able to resemble betta’s home in nature. Adding plants, for instance, is one solution any newbie could try.

Live Vs Plastic for Betta Fish Plant

Plastic for Betta Fish Plant
Plastic for Betta Fish Plant By

This is one classic dilemma for any newbie. When they step into the store, both options of betta fish plant are available. Upon closer inspection, plastic plants look fresher than the live ones.

Then, live plants for betta fish vase is usually placed under water, while plastic products stay outside the aquarium. Aside from their look, everything looks similar in a glance.

Based on many owners’ experience, each has its own good and bad. Plastic betta fish plant for example, requires no care and last longer than live plants.

It also works well as hiding place, so you are basically killing two birds with one stone. Another bonus: there are plenty of color, shape and size variation. There is no way this betta fish aquarium décor could fail.

Live Vs Plastic for Betta Fish Plant
Plastic for Betta Fish Plant By

If you are already biased to plastic plant, don’t forget to find out more about the disadvantages. No matter how pretty it is, plastic would never mimic real floating plants for betta fish. Also, regular cleaning is still needed.

Ignoring the schedule might allow parasite or bacteria to stick on plastic surface. One more thing: betta fish plant made from plastic has sharp edges, except the silk ones!

Compared to its plastic competitors, live plants have special ability: producing oxygen. Betta fish will be healthier in a tank full of oxygen. Another reason to choose live betta fish plant is its originality.

Checking Out Betta Fish Plant

Betta could tell which one is artificial and which one is not. If owners are considering about having colorful tank, there are plenty betta fish plant choices to choose.

For all the pluses that owners get from live plants, there is price to pay. Later on, owners will realize how this betta fish plant requires similar attention to the tank pet.

Maintaining healthy tank plant is easy: trim the leaves if they grow too big. This way, betta will have plenty playground to swim around. In addition, plants also need good amount of lights, fertilizer and so on.

Best Betta Fish Plant Picks

Best Betta Fish Plant Picks

Most famous rumor about betta is related to its ability to survive in a small bowl. This is not true.

Betta is just any other fish that deserve full set of tank. It includes nice plants such as microsorum pteropus betta fish.

Do you know which plant to take? If not, then it is time to learn. Plant like java moss betta fish might be the most suitable one for you than the other options.

  • 1. Java Fern

Betta Fish Plant-Java Fern
Betta Fish Plant-Java Fern By

This plant is also known as Microsorum Pteropus. It is popular betta fish plant for beginner. Compared to some other fancy options, this slow growing plant requires less maintenance but offers maximum function.

Java fern betta could be planted as single plant or small group. Thus, it could fit both small and big tank. The maximum height is eight inches, so the tank won’t be too packed.

It doesn’t take much to keep this betta fish plant healthy. Some owners share that natural light is enough, since too bright light will affect the leaves.

When planning for fern’s location, it will be better to put them under larger plants. If you don’t have any other plant to provide shade, just make sure there is something to tie fern.

Most recommended item to tie java fern in betta tank is stone or any tank decoration. If you haven’t had any experience in tying plant, it is better to use thin string or fishing line. Avoid picking any item that could harm your betta.

Although fern belongs to “minimum to none maintenance” category, this betta fish plant is actually quite fragile. Once the rhizome get buried by sand, the whole plants will slowly wither.

This is the only warning any newbie should learn. For fertilizer, fern is not the picky betta fish plant type. They do well with any brand.

  • 2. Amazon Frogbit

Betta Fish Plant-Amazon Frogbit
Betta Fish Plant-Amazon Frogbit By

It is not hard to tell which one is the frogbit. This betta fish plant is commonly found on pond. Remember those tiny, floating leaves with long and hairy stem? That is the frogbit, or also known as limnobium laevigatum betta fish. Many people love those white flowers that bloom on top of the leaves, when frogbit reaches maturity.

Newbie betta owners are suggested to take this betta fish plants petco as it requires little maintenance. At the same time, the tank will look fancier and rich. Simply put the tank in well-lighted area.

Medium to high is the ideal lighting for this non toxic plants for betta fish. Thanks to its floating leaves, there is very few trouble caused by minimum lighting.

There is no better place for this betta fish plant than the surface of the tank. It is where frogbit could grow healthily. A little bit warning: never put it too close to tank filter.

Frogbit leaves need to stay fry. If they are wet, then they will start to rot. In addition, you need to check on its growth periodically. Pull out some of the leaves if needed. Otherwise, you will have a tank full of frogbit.

  • 3. Anacharis

Betta Fish Plant-Anacharis
Betta Fish Plant-Anacharis By

Biological name for this betta fish plant is Brazillian Waterweed. It is another superb helper for any newbie tank owner without any plant maintenance experience. Don’t expect anacharis to be one of those beautiful fish bowl with plant on top.

This plant grows underwater. Fish that live in the tank will get regular supply of oxygen and healthy water. Anacharis has special ability to remove ammonia.

There is one strong reason why anacharis almost always win the heart of newbie owners. First of all, waterweeds betta fish could survive in many conditions. If there is one concern all tank owners share, that would be water requirement.

Since anacharis adapts quickly and easily, people give it thumbs up. In addition, anacharis grows within short time. It is rare to find dying waterweeds in a tank.

Setting up this betta fish plant in a tank is not a hard job. Anacharis has high survival rate. You could either put it under water or floating on top.

Most people prefer to tie it under water. Later, don’t forget to put tank in well-lit area. Anacharis loves light a lot! Once a while, waterweeds might need to rejuvenate. Sprinkle a little fertilizer on top of tank.

There are cases where anacharis wither. When it happened, immediately remove rotten plant out of tank. Dead waterweed will contaminate water.

  • 4. Java Moss

Betta Fish Plant-Java Moss
Betta Fish Plant-Java Moss By

If your goal is mimicking natural habitat of betta, there is no better option than Java moss. This betta fish plant has elegant look, which will be great addition to your tank.

Explore more tank decoration ideas with it. Java moss could grow on top of objects or tied up to string on the bottom of the tank. What about putting it on top of betta fish christmas ornaments?

At the first glance, java moss might seem intimidating. It is acceptable, since no other betta fish plant has delicate appearance.

However, this beauty is easy to care for. As long as you could keep the tank in low light corner, there will be nothing wrong with the moss.

Bringing out the tank to a room with dim display lighting is also okay. This betta buddy plant cannot tolerate intense lighting.

Those who are familiar with java moss will know that warm water will interrupt its growth. In natural setting, this betta fish plant grows well in cold water.

However, it also survives a little warm temperature, which is ideal for betas. Warm water will slow down moss’ growth rate. Take this as a lucky card. When water gets colder, it needs to be trimmed daily.

  • 5. Hornwort

Betta Fish Plant-Hornwort
Betta Fish Plant-Hornwort By

Do you need another recommendation of betta fish plant that could eliminate nitrate and toxin in water? Then take a look at hornwort. Scientists know it as ceratophylum demersum.

Hornwort has benefits not only for water condition, but also for betta. This betta fish plant has very soft leaves, posing no threat to happy betta that swim around it.

Is there any other reason to fall for Hornwort? Yes, there is. Taking home hornwort from the betta shop, tank owners don’t have to worry about water temperature.

This amazing plant could survive on relatively cold to warm water. For the lighting, hornworts take medium light. This is an obligatory condition, as too low or too intense light will kill it.

There are two ways to set hornwort in a tank. First, you use gravel to bury it on the bottom. Second option, you leave it floating on the surface. Either way, hornwort will survive.

Make sure to pour fertilizer regularly. Although the almighty betta fish plantcould extract fertilizer from water, it will be running out soon.

When trimming hornwort, make sure to remove all fine pieces. It will not harm betta, since the leaves are so soft. Hornwort could grow whole new plant from small cut. If you have some pieces left, expect to see new groups of hornwort soon!

  • 6. Dwarf Hairgrass

Betta Fish Plant-Dwarf Hairgrass
Betta Fish Plant-Dwarf Hairgrass By

In case you don’t know, betta lives in paddy field. In order to recreate their natural habitat in a tank, you must have given serious thought.

Choosing betta fish plant should be done carefully. Some other owners even go as far as sketching their “betta dream tank”. Stop asking “when does petco restock betas” and start planning tank setting today.

Start the sketch by drawing soil layer on the bottom of the tank. Then add green spikes, a symbol for dwarf hairgrass. It is a soft but tough betta fish plant.

The view would be prettier if you add wood decoration on top of the grass. These two alone already create good harmony, resembling paddy field in mini size. Check again your betta fish container. Such setting will fit for minimum 10 gallon tank.

Ideal temperature for dwarf hairgrass to grow is between 70 to 83 farenheit. It is more to warm side, so make sure to set heater during winter.

If you want the green color on this betta fish plant last, give medium lighting. Under low lighting, hairgrass’ leaves will turn into yellow. On the other hand, too much lighting will make it rot.

  • 7. Water Sprite

Water Sprite
Betta Fish Plant-Water Sprite By

Instead of looking for a betta fish plant that fits with your condition, what about considering the ones loved by betta? There is this plant called water sprite.

It has quite different structure compared to the other betta fish plant. Its leaves are soft and grow like long spikes. Take a look at betta tank with this plant inside. You could see them play happily around it, as if water sprite is their playground.

Most live plants for tanks could be planted on the bottom or surface. It also applies for water sprite betta fish. When you put it on the surface, betta will be encouraged to make bubble nests.

Starting from this step, do betta fish need rocks? The answer is no. However, you are more than welcome to lay a layer of rocks on the bottom as decoration.

Among all of its advantages, you also might want to hear about the warnings. Water sprite is betta fish plant that could grow quite fast. In the other words, you need to do checking regularly.

f you need to cut some parts of it, go for the stem base. Don’t keep the leaves on the tank. Take it out and throw it away. Otherwise, these leaves will rot.

  • 8. Amazon Sword

Betta Fish Plant-Amazon Sword
Betta Fish Plant-Amazon Sword By

Some of newbie tank owners might work with big tank instead of the small ones. How big is big? It refers to any betta tank bigger than 10 gallons.

In order to fill this space, you will need bigger betta fish plant. There are several species of amazon sword. Each of them is quite big to fill in the space.

It is probably not your first time hearing amazon sword name. A rumor spreads among betta lovers that the betta fish plant has quite difficult maintenance. This is not true. There are only two things that matters to grow beautiful and healthy amazon sword: substrate and fertilizer. As long as you put good combination, there will be no big problem.

You have to set low to medium lighting for this betta fish plant. It is the ideal condition for amazon sword to grow. While planning for tank setting, choose carefully.

Even though it is one of best plants for betta sorority, no experienced tank owner spread amazon sword in the tank. Good spot for them would be in the back or in the center.

As for the substrate, this betta fish plant relies on its long root to grow. Therefore, you need to make minimum three to four inches substrate layer.

During the first week after planting, amazon sword will be doing okay without fertilizer. Starting from second week, you need to schedule fertilizer time. If you fail to provide enough nutrient, the betta fish plant will struggle.

  • 9. Hygrophila

Betta Fish Plant-Hygrophila
Betta Fish Plant-Hygrophila By

This is another popular recommendation for those newbie tank owners who wish to have low maintenance plant. If you happen to see the betta fish plant name tag, there are two options.

One is called kompakt and the other is named temple narrow leaf. It doesn’t take long to tell the differences. Kompakt is the shorter one, while temple narrow leaf has taller stem.

Many betta enthusiast opt to have this betta fish plant in their aquarium to give different look. Moreover, hygropila is easy to root and requires low maintenance.

There is one demand, though. Hygropila must get enough light. Easy measurement for the tank is as follows: three watts per gallon of water. Using this calculation, you will need 15 watts for five gallon of water.

As mentioned above, there are two variants of hygropila. One is tall and the other is short. Consider this carefully when you are arranging tank decorations. If you take kompakt, any position will be okay, as the height of this betta fish plant wouldn’t block the view.

For temple narrow leaf, they are usually placed on the back of the tank. Make sure to cut temple narrow stem regularly.

Hygropila and amazon sword share one similarity: both are growing from roots. For hygropila, it is best to put sand or gravel on the bottom.

When placing the plant, make sure to bury the roots thoroughly. Also, give fertilizer that rich in iron and CO2. It will help hygropila grow well.

Learning about water plants for fish tank takes a while. It is not impossible, but definitely time consuming.

Try to map out which betta fish plant to buy for the tank. Consider both advantages and disadvantages, size of the tank and its visual. Good luck!

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