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Betta Fish Tank | Swiping through articles about betta fish tank size, you might bump into promotional offers as well. These offers have only slight difference from one another.

Even some owners who have raised a betta might get confused. Will this tiny difference affect betta in any way?

Betta Fish Tank Size – A Myth You Shouldn’t Believe

Betta Fish Tank Size

Bettas are quite popular among fish lovers, particularly those who are interested to keep one at home. Of course, there are plenty of reasons.

Sadly, the discussion about betta fish tank size is not always right. Many must have heard that betta could live inside a bowl or any small space. Is this really the suitable betta fish tank size reddit?

Many people use this standard to measure how big the tank should be. Since one betta lives well in a small bowl, how big of a tank for 2 betta fish then? In their minds, these fishes won’t need a medium size tank. Remember that the betta will spend most of its time in tank.

There will be two major consequences for putting betta in betta fish tank size extra small. First, you have to clean and change the water often. Second, pet fish might easily get sick because of toxic water.

Comparing Tank Set

Admit it. Working on each detail and handpicked every components of betta fish tank size would be a big job.

For this reason, many sellers try to set up a tank and sell it online. This way, costumers who are also newbie owners like you won’t spend hours on the catalogue.

Several names have been mentioned to set the best house for betta.

  • 1. MarineLand 5 Gallon Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit

Betta Fish Tank Size - MarineLand 5 Gallon Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit
MarineLand 5 Gallon Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit By

This is the best selling product of 2019. People love this betta fish tank size because it is neither too small nor too big.

Those who bought it must love the idea of being functional and stylish at the same time. Marineland ml90609 portrait aquarium kit is equipped with two LED light color: white and blue.

Both emit glow and smooth look to the tank. The sliding glass canopy keeps the betta safe.

There is a minus point of this betta fish tank size design, though. It definitely looks cool with its 3 stages hidden back panel.

However, it doesn’t come with filter. As the result, you have to buy it for marineland ml90609 betta fish separately.

MarineLand pack is literally a tank, without any decoration. Don’t forget to add some, probably two or three pieces will do.

Another minus point for this design is its tall space. If you read some articles about finding good home for betas, wider tank is always better betta fish tank requirements than the tall ones.

Moreover, this five gallon tank might seem smaller since the filter take up space.

  • 2. Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank

Betta Fish Tank Size - Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank
Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank –

If you want something more than a betta fish tank setup, then this option offers best deal. You literally just need to put the fish into it. First, it is available on either 10 or 20 gallon betta fish tank size. For a starter, it is better to get the affordable 10 gallons. Forget the option to get small size fish tank, it will suffocate your pet fish. That won’t be nice, right?

In addition to its friendly manual, filter, LED, lid and 20.25 x 10.5 x 12.5 inches betta fish tank size, it also comes with several disadvantages. Make sure to take note. First, there is no hinges in this 10 or 20 gallon betta fish tank size. Cleaning up must be carefully done. Also, LED lights is quite low. If you want to put plants within more than 2.5 gallon fish tank, make sure to pick the low light ones.

  • 3. Marina LED Aquarium

Betta Fish Tank Size - Marina LED Aquarium Kit
Marina LED Aquarium Kit By

Many new betta owners think that tank set up should include everything, including the decoration. You might be one of them, hoping betta fish tanks with plants. If you bump into Marina LED Aquarium ads, it is not selling what you wish. Those who find the ads in betta fish tanks amazon  would see that this package has complete tools and decorations.

Isn’t it good news? Marina LED comes with different betta fish tank size. The most popular is 5 gallon, but you could also buy the 10 or 20 gallon. Each betta fish tank size offered comes with filter cartridges, LED with natural light, betta fish net and fish food. To ensure the water quality, there is also a bottle of water conditioner and biological supplement. What else you could ask?

Compared to the other packages, Marina LED comes with  additional cost. The smallest is five gallon betta fish tank size after all. Pouring rocks and adding water plants won’t cost that much. It might be a different story for 10 and 20 gallons one.

  • 4. Fluval Edge Aquarium

Betta Fish Tank Size - Fluval Edge Aquarium
Fluval Edge Aquarium By

People is more familiar to tank size by multiples of 5. Fluval Edge is an exception. It has six and twelve gallons betta fish tank size. Instead of its odd size, people are stunned by its design. This is a perfect betta fish tank ideas for those who would love to have pretty aquarium as a centerpiece. You could observe the tank from 360 angles.

The design of this six gallons betta fish tank size makes you think that it floats in the air. There is black column on the center, allowing you to hide wires. If you plan to have multiple betta fish tank, then leave six gallon and move to twelve gallons. Make sure to add one or two close mates such as snails or shrimps. Don’t worry about cleaning; it is easy.

For a six gallon betta fish tank size that has stunning features, you should have expected high prices. Many people don’t have the courage to dig their wallet deeper, so they give up this option. Moreover, unique shape of this tank will make it difficult to set and clean big or tall decoration.

  • 5. Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit

Betta Fish Tank Size - Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit
Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit By

For a betta fish tank size, one important item that shouldn’t be missing is a filter. Don’t forget that betta originally lives in paddy field, where the water is constantly flowing with low stream. Having a filter will keep the water clean longer. It is also related to what ph should a betta tank be. In short, clean water has relatively stable ph compared to the ammonia contaminated water.

Fluval Spec is the stronger competitor in its league, even when compared to marineland portrait kit. It uses 3 stage oversized filter process: mechanical, chemical and biological. Thanks to this setting, even five gallon betta fish tank size will be a healthy home for betas. Stronger LED lights also helps the plants to grow.

Again, there are some disadvantages you need to know. First, the five gallon betta fish tank size comes bare.  The package includes no nets, no betta food and no decoration kit. Buying in online store, you could see what people often buy along with this item. One of them is thermometer. People should check whether water temperature for betta fish is ideal.

  • 6. Tetra Crescent Aquarium

Betta Fish Tank Size - Tetra Crescent Aquarium
Tetra Crescent Aquarium By

Normally each item has popular manufacturer. For fish tank, it will be Tetra. This brand is known for its affordable price and also small betta fish tank size. Several stylish tanks have been mentioned previously, but this one is different. Instead of boasting its LED lights or exterior, Tetra Cresent has curved front. It could be the best betta fish tank setup for small living room space.

Upon receiving the package, you should have no problem to set up the whole tank. There is an easy to read manual book. People love this model because it is one of great betta fish tank with filter. It is not just any filter, but the quiet one. You could also admire your pet fish easily.

Take a closer look to the aquarium. It is great, but definitely not perfect. The five gallon betta fish tank size has uncovered front part. This is meant to be the feeding hole. Its lid is not as good as the filter. You probably could break it with empty hand.

Ever wonder why this five gallon betta fish tank size is the cheapest? Well, it is made from acrylic. No wonder, Tetra Cresent look fancy but actually fragile. Watch out for curious children. They might intentionally scratch the curved part.

  • 7. MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit With Rail Light

Betta Fish Tank Size - MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit With Rail Light
MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit With Rail Light By

If you are looking for a tank that is bigger than one gallon tank and prettier than the other competitor, this is the option. It is a perfect match for new betta owner, particularly those with good taste and style. This betta fish tank size could hold up to five gallons of water. It is not an empty words when the ads mention about “classic and beautiful” tank design.

Check the front part; it has curved glass. The five gallon betta fish tank size is also equipped with white and blue LEDs, hanging just above the tank. In order to zoom out its beauty, any equipment in it should be sleek and hidden well. This is what you will get in this small betta fish tank size. Rest assure, the 180 degree view of betta won’t be disturbed by cables.

There is certain cost to make something pretty. It is not an exception for MarineLand model. There are plenty of items to add. First, find a filter to maintain water quality. Pir it up with water care. It is a must have for areas with water problems.

Second item would be air pump with heat indicator. Unless the room temperature is always warm, this item is a must. Don’t forget to add some best plants for betta fish aquaponics. Lastly, stock a bottle of betta feeding close to tank.

  • 8. Fluval Flex 57 – 15 Gallon Nano Glass Aquarium Kit

Betta Fish Tank Size - Fluval Flex 57 – 15 Gallon Nano Glass Aquarium Kit
Fluval Flex 57 – 15 Gallon Nano Glass Aquarium Kit By

Those who have raised betta will share how painful it is to have 1 gallon tank ideas. You have to change the water every day, check on betta literally every hour. Instead of being at ease, you will be constantly worried about your pet fish. Now that they know, they couldn’t relate to other who still ask silly question like is 1 gallon enough for a betta?

Bigger is better. This is a basic principle that inspires Fluval to create a 15 gallon betta fish tank size. Is it too big? Not really. The answer should depend on the number of betta that will stay inside. If you want to know ideal female betta fish tank size, this is it. Compared to male betta, female could live together in peace.

Being big means more tools to attach. There is no need to worry tough. Plenty of space is available for installation. The heater could be in the middle, maintaining water temperature for betta fish, the filter and water flow will take either sides.

While admiring the convex front wall, you should also note the cons of this big betta fish tank size. The black background looks so classic, but it actually scratched easily. Unless you display it on 360 area, it should be fine. One thing couldn’t be fixed on this 15 gallon betta fish tank size: it has strong filter stream. Make sure to put plants or sturdy decoration near it.

  • 9. EcoQube Aquarium – Desktop Betta Fish Tank

Betta Fish Tank Size - EcoQube Aquarium – Desktop Betta Fish Tank
EcoQube Aquarium – Desktop Betta Fish Tank By

Have you ever heard of small betta fish tank size but eco friendly as well? Yes, you read it just right. Eco friendly concept refers to the natural setting, where plants inside the tank could filter water. This way, small betta fish tank size won’t be lethal home for the pet. The pack comes with full set of ideal living ecosystem.

One package includes rock, ornament, LED lights, and tank cover. It could hold more  water than one gallon fish bowl.  Then how the magic works? You need to grow the plant first. After it grows inside the two gallon betta fish tank size, betta could move in. Many people love how stylish it is, especially for display purpose. There is one year guarantee as well.

Compared to previous models, you might notice that this is the smallest betta fish tank size to offer. Thus, it raises new question. Instead of asking: can a tank be too big for a betta, you will wonder whether two gallon is enough. Two is only for solitaire betta. In addition to this, note that you need to grow the plants beforehand. It takes one to two months approximately. Are you ready to wait?

  • 10. Back To The Roots Water Garden Fish Tank, Indoor Aquaponic Kit

Betta Fish Tank Size - Back To The Roots Water Garden Fish Tank, Indoor Aquaponic Kit
Back To The Roots Water Garden Fish Tank, Indoor Aquaponic Kit By

In the beginning of the article you have been warned about the ideal betta fish tank size. Too small is not good for betta’s growth. Without any additional support, 1 gallon fish tank walmart will kill your pet fish slowly. Amazingly, a product from Back To The Roots Water Garden makes an invention to keep small tank clean.

It functions tiny betta fish tank size as living pot. Plants will gain nutrition from betta waste, which at the same time clean water. People might ask: what fish can live in a 1.5 gallon tank? With this invention, the improved living condition for pet fish is ensured. The modern term is aquaponics. The  setting allows low maintenance betta fish tank size reddit.

Is there anything you should wary about? Unfortunately, yes. Setting up might look easy, but actually it is a little bit complicated. The tools and plants should be arranged nicely inside the small betta fish tank size. You might need to learn the curriculum prior to the installation.  If this is not big problem, then you are good to go. Make sure to buy the set. It lowers the chance of failure.

  • 11. Tetra 1.8 Gallon Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit

Betta Fish Tank Size - Tetra 1.8 Gallon Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit
Tetra 1.8 Gallon Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit By

There is particular reason to fall with the small betta fish tank size. It will be a pretty living decoration. Imagine how cute betta will look inside a globe! Again, this idea is bad without any supporting tools. If you are one of tiny betta fish tank size in globe shape, then Tetra Globe Aquarium kit is made just for you.

It has less than two gallons betta fish tank size, which is perfect for one betta only. Inside the box, you will find water pump that functions as water filter as well. After the installation is completed, you might mistake it for coffee maker.

No matter how many supports are installed to the aquarium, small tank will never be the best tank for betta fish. It might come with cheap price, but forcing betta to spend days in tiny space will make it stressed. You will spend more money to buy betta fish tank mates.

Looking for suitable betta fish tank size for your new aqua pet? Stay seated and read the whole article first. It would be a careless move to go to the store directly. There will be too many options and brands to choose. Make yourself more knowledgeable before pointing on one specific size and brand.

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