Helping Betta Fish Swim Bladder Problem

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Helping Betta Fish Swim Bladder Problem, | Believe it or not, smaller pets are more vulnerable than the bigger ones. Even so, not all diseases are lethal. Some of them happened more than once, like betta fish swim bladder.

Don’t jump into conclusion that the lovely betta cannot make it. All owners need is further explanation about the disease.

What Is Betta Fish Swim Bladder?

Image Betta Fish Swim Bladder

It is not quite right to say that swim bladder is one types of betta diseases. This condition actually could happen to any pet fish.

Consulting panicked owners over their imbalanced fish pet, vet would explain the problem calmly. Bettas have a swim bladder inside their body which function like a lifebuoy. This organ is filled with air fish to control their swift movement.

How is it difference from dropsy betta? The source of both problems lay inside betta’s body. However, the symptoms of dropsy has something to do with scales, while another conditions could be observed through its swimming pattern.

Since the irregular pattern is caused by pressure inside the body, some owners worry about betta tumors. If so, go and consult to vet immediately.

How Could Betta Fish Swim Bladder Happen?

In reality, owners cannot look for one factor only. There are a lots of conditions that could trigger betta fish swim bladder. Few of them comes from genetics, so owners should be more careful with the other factors. These are the result of their carelessness.

  • Constipation

A betta fish with swim bladder disease might have problem with its digestion. It might be inherited from bettas’ parents or bad food preparation. Check again those frozen betta feeding. Before giving them to bettas, are they thawed properly?

  • Overfeeding

Betta is on the small side. Even a tiny pinch of pellet or betta food is enough. Some owners, however, keep throwing pellets, hoping to get fatter and cuter bettas. Well, this plan fires back, as swollen digestive demands more space and squeezing the air bag.

  • Infection

Another factor is an infection. While betta’s body is fighting against the bacterial interruption, several organs will bloat. These organs then press swim bladder, sometimes left very minimum room to inflate. Then, betta won’t be able to control its own direction.

  • Gulping Air

Although it sounds funny, betta fish swim bladder could happen after they go to the surface. For your information, betta breathes using labyrinth, which makes them occasionally hop for air. While they are too excited, big amount of air is locked inside the buoyancy organ.

How To Cure Betta Fish Swim Bladder?

image betta fish swim bladder treatment

As mentioned above, there are several causes of betta fish swim bladder. Fot this reason, the cure should be adjusted to these factors as well. If possible, bring bettas to vet for check up. If not, then owners should observe the symptoms carefully and take action.

  • Letting It Be

First part of betta fish swim bladder treatment is requesting owners to let it happened for several hours. If the zig zag swimming is caused by gulping too much air, it will pass less than a day. Bettas will happily swim in the middle, not near the surface or bottom tank.

  • Fasting

Being fat is not good for bettas. Their motor system would be much more slower and swim bladder will be pressed. For overfeeding problem, skipping feeding for three days is the best solution. Don’t worry, tiny fish pet won’t die from hunger, as long as they get their portion on the forth day.

  • Feeding Laxative Food

In some cases, constipation cannot be treated with fasting. Owners could fix this by giving food with laxative effect. Some of them are peas and daphnia. They are easily digested and cleaning system as well. Fresh daphnia has stronger effects than the frozen ones. As for peas, take some from refrigerator and boil it for one minute.

  • Mixing Medication

If the recommendation above doesn’t help, go to vet immediately. There are two possible diagnosis: bacterial or internal infection. Both of them should be treated using antibiotics, just like betta popeye disease.

To kill bacteria, prepare clean tank filled with clean water. No need to install carbon filter, as it absorbs the antibiotic. Open the capsule and pour the powder to clean tank. Mix well before moving bettas inside.

If betta fish swim bladder disease is caused by internal infection, then the medication should be mixed with betta’s food. Don’t forget to ask mixing instruction to your vet.

Is There Any Aftercare For Betta Fish Swim Bladder?

image swim bladder is one types of betta diseases

When bettas have returned its normal swimming ability, owners should worry about the aftercare. There are not much to do, but still important part of recovery plan.

  • Adding Live Plants

While choosing the plants, pick the one with wide leaf. Some bettas take longer to adjust their swimming back to normal. Live plants will be a great help, as bettas could rest on it for a while.

  • Sprinkling Salt

It is not suggested to bring bettas to normal tank immediately after receiving treatment. Keep them in quarantine tank for another week. Keep the regular cleaning schedule. After pouring water, don’t forget to sprinkle aquarium salt. It shields bettas from infection.

How to Prevent Betta Fish Swim Bladder?

Learning about treatment is good, but it is always better to prevent swim bladder dysfunction.

  • Feeding Best Quality Food

Ever wonder why fish feeding is sold at different price? The answer lays in product’s quality. Try to afford the middle high price range, as they contains less air and better nutrients.

  • Soaking Food

Many owners love frozen feeding, as they could keep stocks for months. Before feeding, thaw it properly. For dried food, put it inside the tank for a minute before letting bettas feast on it.

  • Giving Enough

Nothing is worse than overfeeding, even for fish pet. Owners shouldn’t be fooled with bettas’ “hungry” look. Read instruction on the label and follow it thoroughly.

How far bettas’ owners know about betta fish swim bladder? Not knowing will cause panic attack when it really happens. For the fish, this condition is not lethal, but totally disturbing.

Compare it to walking with supporting tools. Use the information above to create personalized care sheet. Good luck!

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