How to Treat Dropsy in Betta Fish 100% Cured

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How to Treat Dropsy in Betta Fish 100% Cured, | Introducing my name is Ahmad Nur Hadi, I am a betta breeder from Indonesia. Besides breeding, I also sell betta fish.

For now I breed some types of betta fish, such as the type of halfmoon betta fish, crown tail betta fish, plakat betta, and double tailed betta fish.

I have been breeding betta fish since 2015, I share the knowledge of betta fish with many people, I also have a youtube channel that discusses specific betta fish.

I am not good at English, but I want to share my knowledge in the world, with the help of Google translate I write, so I apologize if my writing is poorly understood.

On this occasion I want to share how to treat betta fish dropsy disease.

Betta fish hobbyists in general will be resigned when they see their favorite betta fish affected by dropsy disease.

That’s because dropsy’s disease is very difficult to cure, it can even be said that there is no hope of recovery.

How to Treat Dropsy in Betta Fish 100% Cured

Image How to Treat Dropsy in Betta Fish 100% Cured

Why can betta fish get dropsy disease?

Maybe you ask that?


The first is because of water
The second is because of the food

The most important way to care for betta fish is to pay attention to the quality of water, although betta fish can live in little water, but the small water conditions are a threat to betta fish.


Caring for a little betta fish in water requires more attention to frequently changing water, because betta fish poop will poison it.

In addition to water, feed given to betta fish is less hygienic and excessive feeding.

These two reasons caused Betta fish to be affected by dropsy.

How to Treat Dropsy in Betta Fish 100% Cured

Before I share how to treat dropsy in betta fish, I am the type of breeder who rarely uses drugs to cure Betta fish.

I still rely on powerful natural ingredients to cure various types of betta fish disease.

Namely Indian Almonds.

Okay, this is the way I cure Betta fish that has dropsy

Soak 2 to 3 pieces of Indian almonds in a separate tank until the water turns brown.

Add fish salt or kitchen salt to one teaspoon, then stir until the salt dissolves with water

Enter the betta fish that has been affected by dropsy disease in the solution for a week

On the third day just give a little feed and let it again in solution.

To make it easier for you to understand what I am saying, please watch the video below.

And my advice is, if you buy betta fish from Indonesia or any country, try to buy almond Indians too.

Hope your betta fish is healthy

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