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Betta Fish Tank Mates 1 Gallon, | Looking for the perfect betta fish tank mates 1 gallon is not easy. Why? Because adding more life to the aquarium means that you should change the tank to a bigger one. Some fish care takers are not ready to step into this stage. If you are one of them, take one of the following suggestion into your list.

1. White Cloud Mountain Minnow

Image White Cloud Mountain Minnow - Betta Fish Tank Mates 1 Gallon

Putting aside the mini size, betta fish is enchanting with its unique color and long tail. Since you have tiny tank, the mates should have tiny size as well. White Cloud minnow would be a great companion. Both could survive in 75 degree Fahrenheit without any extra adapting effort.
In addition, this fish shares similar diet to Bettas, so you don’t have to worry in feeding time. White cloud minnow might have discoloration once a while, but it won’t disturb the aggressive Bettas. Those who are interested in the species must go to high end pet store, as little shop might not have them in stock.

2. Pygmy Corydora Catfish (Cory Fish)

Image Pygmy Corydora Catfish (Cory Fish) - Betta Fish Tank Mates 1 Gallon

If the seller is not familiar with this term, try to mention armored fish instead. It is another name given to the fish as they have bony outer structure. A cory fish adult grows to an inch at the maximum. This fish loves to swim together in a group of four at the minimum, exploring the bottom tank.
The gray color makes the fish blends well with sands or tank rock. Even is you add these bottom dwellers to the tank, the bettas might not even notice the new comers. They gobble up the leftover food that reach the base or slip in between the rocks.

3. Ember Tetras

Image Ember Tetras - Betta Fish Tank Mates 1 Gallon

For a fighting fish that has aggressive nature, you will need a peaceful and submissive pair. In this case, ember tetras fit well to the criteria. They are not nippers, which is a good news for your long tail Bettas. You don’t have to check the tank every hour to make sure that there is no tail chasing.
Even when your Bettas are experiencing hormonal change, it would be difficult to catch the tetras. They are fast swimmers. There is no further adjustment needed, you can simply add the dull colored fish to your tank. Don’t forget to buy minimum six of them.

4. Ghost Shrimp

Other than fish, you can add shrimp to the tank. Ghost shrimp has transparent body, so they would be hardly noticed by the Bettas. In the other words, they might be able to live longer than your expectation. Originally, this type of shrimp is breed as feeder for aggressive fish. Nowadays, the trend has shifted.
Another advantage of this tank mate is its super tiny size. You can pet up to ten ghost shrimp in one gallon tank! No need to worry about the feeding menu. They are quite happy with the leftover food from the Bettas.

5. Snails

Image Snails - Betta Fish Tank Mates 1 Gallon

Have you ever considered snail in the tank? If you think fish fighting is not a nice thing to watch, then pairing Bettas with snails will be a great solution. Snails has hard shells that will protect them from curious nipping fish. They are also great tank cleaner; no more leftover food in the bottom tank!
Interested in this option? Then take Nerite snails for your one gallon tank. It grows up to one inch, and takes very little space in the tank. Moreover, the shell color is quite pretty.
For the first timers, taking care of betta is fun: other than the steady temperature, it requires minimum daily care. However, the owners soon will notice that the tank is too empty. No need to wander; simply take one suggestion of the betta fish tank mates 1 gallon as the solution!

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